Culver near top on “sexy governors” list

First, as a woman, I would like to say that I purchased no Playboy products for this story.  Second, I will admit I first heard about this as I was sitting in a Des Moines bar on Tuesday night. 

Yesterday, I began to see on-line references to a poll from Playboy which ranked California’s governor near the top of the "most doable" governors list.  The Star Tribune ran a story, allowing them to resurrect the weekend comment Minnesota’s governor made about his wife and sex.  TV stations began posting a brief, with no mention of Iowa’s governor — 42-year-old Chet Culver — being ranked at number four as Schwarzenegger was number one and that was their big news.  Bill Richardson and Mike Huckabee are also on the list.  (The list includes ex-governors.)

Today, for the record, I asked out-going Culver communications director Brad Anderson via email if the governor had an official comment on the story.  "Let’s go with ‘no,’" Anderson wrote in an email reply.  (By the way, this is Anderson’s last day in the governor’s office, hence the out-going reference, but many say he has an outgoing personality as well.)  No word yet on whether First Lady Mari Culver has an official comment.

Today, the print edition of The Des Moines Register has the story of the Playboy ranking.  It’s not posted on-line yet, however.  Here’s the Register’s story, with the following headline: Gov’s up there with Playboy’s ‘doables’

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