Congressman Bruce Braley endorses Obama

Congressman Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Waterloo who represents Iowa’s first district, has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Braley, as you may know, is a "super" delegate to his party’s national convention.

Listen to Braley discuss his endorsement during an interview this morning with Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson (mp3 runs 2 minutes 14 seconds).

UPDATE:  here are a few quotes from the interview.

First, Braley backed John Edwards in the Caucuses.  Edwards Iowa organizers had asked supporters to "keep their powder dry" and not endorse Clinton or Obama, so I asked Braley why he chose to leave Edwards and go with Obama.

"I didn’t choose to leave Edwards," Braley said.  "Senator Edwards dropped out of the race and I had a very good conversation with him after he decided to do that.  I have left voice mails for him trying to get input from him on what his thinking was on the remaining two candidates and have heard nothing back from him. I am my own person. I’ve got my own responsibilities to the people who elected me and it’s come down to a choice between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton and after giving it a great deal of consideration, I’ve decided to endorse Senator Obama."

Next, Braley offered this on the "tone" of the campaign: "I’m worried about the fact that the campaign seems to be diverting from focusing on a lot of the real issues that voters care about, like health care and rising fuel prices and the war in Iraq and tends to be focusing on a lot of gotcha things," Braley said, "so I’m hopeful that as we go forward we’re going to have more and more clarity on who the nominee is going to be and we can get back to focusing on the very real differences between our Democratic nominee and John McCain."

Braley had to end our conversation to go greet the Prime Minister of Ireland.

Here is the tally of Iowa "Super" Delegates.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Helen Jennings says

    I am up in years and this is a hard one to call. It will be interesting to see what happens in the fall. Our country is going to pot fast as far as I am concerned. I really can’t see what difference any of them are going to make.
    We the people can’t get along in our own little communities so who ever wins in the fall has a long road ahead of them. I wish them the best.
    It will make history if a Democrat gets it.
    Edwards and Biden should be the ticket.
    We are living on the family farm that has been in the family since 1883. The way prices have gone fuel, insurance and food and interest is low. I don’t know how people are going to make ends meet.
    Feel sorry for the younger generation. They don’t know how to go without.May learn fast.
    They have taken God out of our schools and goverment so what can the world expect ?