“I was born for this kind of work”

As mentioned in a post from earlier this week, legislators who are retiring are giving their farewell speeches this week.  Senator Mike Connolly, a Democrat from Dubuque, is not seeking re-election after serving 30 years in the Iowa House, then the Senate.  He was most famous for his fiery floor speeches full of finger-pointing which often included this line:  "You know and I know it and the people of Iowa know it."

Here’s a two-minute long portion of Connolly’s goodbye speech in which he told his colleagues: "I was born for this kind of work…This is a beautiful process and it’s a beautiful thing to have been a part of it."

Representative Phil Wise, a Democrat from Keokuk, was first elected to the Iowa House in 1986.  Wise delivered a "top 10" list to colleagues during his retirement speech.  "Learn to watch the chamber when you’re speaking and watch press row," Wise advised.  "If no one’s listening, sit down." 

This was his number one: "As a member of a co-equal branch of government don’t worry so much about what the governor thinks, even if he’s from your own party."  Reminder:  Wise is a Democrat.  So is current Governor Chet Culver.

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