Results of Iowa Democratic Party’s county conventions

This news release just issued by the Iowa Democratic Party:

Des Moines – Today, Democrats in 99 counties held County Conventions, the second stage of the Iowa caucus to convention process. 

“Today, Iowa Democrats again turned out in large numbers to reject the failed Bush-McCain campaign and its policies,” said Scott Brennan, Iowa Democratic Party Chair.  “We are committed to winning Iowa for our nominee and party building activities like the Caucus and County Conventions help strengthen our counties, precincts and neighborhoods.”

The Iowa Democratic Party also released results from the County Conventions.  The following results are from 67 of 99 counties and represent 2,132 of 2,500 State Delegates. Results will be updated periodically on our website as they are available.

Senator Hillary Clinton:  31.5%

Senator John Edwards:  16%

Senator Barack Obama:  52.1%

UPDATE:  Crunching numbers based on today’s outcome and interpreting how it will influence the number of delegates Iowa sends to Denver (if no one drops out of the race before the national convention), it appears Obama picked up ten delegates and Clinton lost a delegate today.  Edwards lost eight, but still has six.

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