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The two Democratic candidates still fighting for their party’s presidential nomination have sent email messages to supporters in Iowa.  The subject?  This coming Saturday’s county conventions.  The dynamic here is that delegates are to be elected at these shindigs, and the Clinton camp would dearly like to be able to pick up a few delegates here and there around Iowa’s 99 counties.  (Follow the link and find Newsweek article in which Clinton is quoted talking about how already "pledged" delegates may not be, well, pledged.)

Compare and contrast the two email messages from the campaigns after the jump.

The Obama campaign sent out an email on Friday afternoon, March 7, 2008, with a link directing supporters to Obama’s still functioning Iowa campaign website which contains very detailed information about the county conventions.  There’s a link to something called "Iowa County Conventions 101" and an FAQ about the county conventions.  There is also a clickable map which allows folks to click on their county and find out where and when the county convention will be held.  They’ve thought of (most) everything, such as this advice: "Most conventions will have lunch available for a nominal fee or you can bring your own lunch!" (That explanation point was from the Obama campaign, not from me!)

The Obama website also indicates they are still organized in Iowa. "In each county we will have an Obama Delegate Chair or Co Chairs that are responsible for being the point person on the day of to answer questions or deal with any issues. They are the main point of contact for Obama delegates/alternates and strategy questions."

Today, Monday, March 10, 2008, the Clinton camp sent out the following adivsory on the topic, directing supporters to this very spare website when compared to Obama’s.  Here is the text of the email:

Hillary has won big in every corner of the nation. After wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island last week, the race is neck and neck and every delegate counts.

You worked so hard leading up to the Iowa Caucus in January, but the delegate selection process is not over. County conventions are happening this Saturday, March 15.

The state of Iowa controls 57 delegates and with a race this close, those 57 delegates can make all the difference. Hillary still needs your help to make sure your votes count.

Will you help Hillary one more time at your county convention? If you were selected as a delegate, now is the time to stand up for your precinct. Even if you weren’t selected as a delegate, it’s important for you to show up in case your precinct needs an alternate. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to make a big difference for Hillary in Iowa.

This Saturday, we need you to stand up for Hillary so she can stand up for all of us in the White House. It is very important that you attend.

Thank you for all you do.

Hillary Clinton for President

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