Updated information on Caucus Night registration

A release this afternoon from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office:

(Des Moines) Iowa Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro released the statistics from voter registration changes his offices attributes to the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses.

The current registration totals as of March 1st are: Democrats – 701,285; Republicans – 615,576; and 761,201 No Party.

The Iowa Democratic Party gained nearly 60,000 registrants and the Iowa Republican Party gained nearly 7,600 registered voters.

“It was apparent from the media reports and the crowded caucus locations that this was going to be a historic event for all Iowans.  These registration numbers prove that the reports we were all hearing weren’t just hype, but a reflection of a momentous event,” Mauro affirmed.

The voters registered as “no party” had the largest decrease in number, dropping by over 49,000. “It is clear from these statistics that more independents chose to align with the Democrats during the caucus,” Mauro stated.

Mauro is clear on this point, the overall winner is the state of Iowa.  Party politics aside, Iowa gained over 22,000 new registrations overall.  “I’m proud that Iowa voters chose to go out and participate in the caucus.  I hope and fully anticipate this trend will carry through the Primary season and on to the General Election.”

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