Everything old is new again

The weekend focus on NAFTA — the Clinton rebuke & the Obama mailer brought to mind a story on Radio Iowa from November 13, 2007.  This perhaps was the first time this subject came up on the campaign trail, and what the Obama camp alleged in the mailer is pretty much what he said in Dubuque that day at a labor convention.

You can listen to his remark on the subject here (mp3 runs about 25 seconds). 

Here is the pertinent part: "When a candidate rails against NAFTA today, you, then I think it’s fair, then, to ask her where she was with NAFTA 20 years ago, right?" Obama said. 

One member of the audience yelled out, "Hey, hey!"  Others laughed and many of the union members applauded. 

"…You don’t just suddenly wake up and say, ‘Boy, NAFTA’s a terible thing,’ after having been for it," Obama said.

Obama swiped at Edwards that day, too, and the Edwards campaign provided a quick response.  The Clinton campaign did not.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.