Harkin suggests Clinton campaign may be “running on fumes”

Senator Tom Harkin talked with Iowa reporters by phone this morning. Audio of his commentary (2 min MP3) on the Clinton campaign:

Here Harkin is transcribed:  "Well, I agree with our chairman Howard Dean.  I sure hope this gets settled before we go to convention. That’d be very late.  That’d be at the end of August.  We’ve never had anything that late before we’ve had a candidate.  So I don’t know, I think, you know, looking at Super Tuesday, things came out pretty even.  Now, again, I’m not a real expert in this but just listening to the pundits and sort of reading what I can on it it looks as though the calendar for this month favors Obama.  The calendar next month may favor Clinton but I think the headline in the Washington Post this morning is very instructive.  I thought I had it there.  What did it say? It said, oh, ‘Clinton lent her campaign $5 million’ — that’s very interesting and that was before Super Tuesday.  That was before Super Tuesday, so you wonder if their campaign is just running on fumes.  You know, when staffs are working for no pay, you being to wonder about how much they have to continue, especially if you’re talking about next month so I think there’s some real dark clouds there on that.  Again, I don’t know if they can get out and raise the money.  Someone pointed out to me this morning that’s something on the wires or the blogs maybe that Obama has raised almost $7 million just since Tuesday — $7 million on-line!  So, boy, uh, that, so I don’t know.  I just think we’re in for some, an interesting month in our party."

Harkin concludes with a brief discussion of the Republican race, then this sentence:  "This could be an interesting year."

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Harkin is an idiot. The wall to wall Obama`s pundits are always wrong and so is Zogby.

  2. Ooh, feeling a little bitter, are we Stella?

  3. Robert Anderson says

    Tom Harkin is a pretty reasonable guy. He said the Washington Post headline was instructive because it indicated her campaign was short on money before Super Tuesday.
    That doesn’t sound like someone being overly influenced by “Obama’s pundits.”
    And, it should be noted Tom Harkin has remained neutral in the primary, thus far. He’s not speaking as someone intending to create spin for a particular candidate.

  4. When an old soul such as Obama, speaks unity, inclusiveness and oneness, the Heart hears and Remembers!
    When someone, such as Obama, offers Hope and points the way to a better, brighter future, spoken from the innermost point of Truth or Soul,… the Heart Hears and Believes!
    When Obama calls each of us to action and participation to Duty, we are reminded of our Responsibility to our common destiny.
    As Obama states so poignantly, “We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!