Culver endorsing Obama

Sources confirm Governor Chet Culver will be endorsing Barack Obama at Obama’s rally in Omaha, Nebraska this evening.  Culver’s wife, Mari, endorsed Edwards prior to the Caucuses. 

UPDATE at 3:40 p.m.: Culver just called into the Radio Iowa newsroom.  Here’s the transcript:

Henderson: Why Obama?

Culver: "I think it’s clear that the American people are hungry for change.  They’re looking for a president who can push back on the special interests. who has the courage of their convictions to do the right thing for ordinary Americans and Senator Obama has demonstrated for more than 20 years this unique ability to stand up for ordinary Americans, to bring people together.  I really believe that he can unite our party and his administration will unite the country and that’s really what it boils down to is a decision that I made that will ultimately be in the best interests of the country right now.  We really need a leader with that unique set of qualifications."

Henderson: Did you feel this way prior to the Caucuses?

Culver: "I made up my mind last night and I have great admiration and respect for all the presidential candidates on both sides. I really do, but I really felt that this was the best time.  Iowans have spoken and I now, as one of the party leaders, feel compelled to speak out and share my personal decision with Iowans and also with fellow Midwesterners.  We will be competing in Nebraska and Wisconsin in the coming days.  I hope to make a contribution.  I hope to help Senator Obama. That’s why I’m going to Nebraska tonight to announce my endorsement and I will be, in all likelihood, headed to Wisconsin in the very near future to campaign for him as well."

Henderson: You have some connection to the Kennedy family through your father.  Did Senator Ted Kennedy talk to you about this and influence your decision in any way?

Culver: "No, he did not and I arrived at this decision yesterday.  I did talk to Senator Obama last night and I just really think that Senator Obama’s campaign is about what unites us as a nation.  It’s about our enduring optimism, our strength, and energy as a people and I really am excited about being a part of this campaign and most importantly I am excited about a better day for America.  It’s really going to be an exciting change in Washington, D.C.  Certainly a lot of work to do between now and November, but I felt it was important to share this with Iowans and with others in the Midwest and across the nation because there’s a lot at stake here and most importantly I think that Senator Obama’s candidacy will unite us as a Democratic Party and his administration will unite us as a country."

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Karen Kilberger says

    Obama is like the Harold Hill in the show The Music Man. He comes to town with a lot of talk and gets people all excited with talk, but that’s all he is, is talk. Obama talks about change – but what changes is he talking about and how is he going to make these changes? Are people just jumping on the wagon with out asking these questions?? I want some of these questions answered before I jump on the wagon??