A cookie? Thanks, but no

A hat tip today to WHO-TV cameraman Dave Olson who shares two tidbits.  As you may know, there was a huge anti-gay marriage rally at the statehouse today (you may read about it and listen to it here).  Many of those who attended the lunch-hour rally came early to attend the "State of the Judiciary" message delivered by the chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court.  This event was staged in the Iowa House of Representatives.

To get usable video, the camera operators from the local Des Moines TV stations asked for and received permission to set up in front of the first row of desks for members of the Iowa House.  Mr. Olson’s tripod was established in front of Representative Dawn Pettingill’s desk.  Pettingill complained. saying she would be unable to see the chief justice.  "I guess I could just go and get something to eat," she remarked as her alternative to watching the chief justice speak.  Speaking of food…

Also watching the chief justice speak today were the other members of the Iowa Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals — all decked out in their robes.  Mr. Olson says as one of the robed judges was leaving the Iowa House, he was handed a cookie by someone in the statehouse lobbying against gay marriage.  As you may know, a gay marriage case is pending before the Iowa Supreme Court.  The judge politely handed the cookie back to the cookie-bearing lobbyist.

About an hour earlier, as Chief Justice Marsha Ternus began her "State of the Judiciary" speech, she made reference to cookies.   

"Before beginning my remarks, I want to let the legislators and other invited guests know about a change in our plans for the reception following my speech this morning.  We had planned to enjoy coffee and cookies, but in light of the governor’s push for wellness we’ve decided to serve coffee and celery instead," she said.  There was an immediate burst of laughter, followed by applause. 

No word on whether Pettingill got a cookie or a stalk of celery today.  I shall ask, though, and get that question answered — with an update when available.

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