Where are they now?

Here’s a quick review of where some of the folks often quoted in Iowa media in the run-up to the Iowa Caucuses have landed:

Tim Albrecht, spokesman/press contact for Romney’s Iowa campaign, has gone to South Carolina to work for Romney there. UPDATE!  Mr. Albrecht sent this in an email over the weekend:  I likely was spotted in South Carolina for the debate, but am with the governor’s traveling press corps full-time now. In Michigan currently, following the five days I was in New Hampshire.

Mark Daley, spokesman/press contact for Clinton’s Iowa campaign, has gone to Massachusetts to work for Clinton there.

Eric Woolson, spokesman/press contact/do-most-everything-guy for Huckabee’s Iowa campaign, told me he was going to be dispatched to South Carolina to work for Huckabee there.

If you know of any other moves of note, chime in by posting a comment.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.