A message from the Des Moines International Airport

This just into the newsroom — an advisory from Roy Criss and Gary Hagan out at the airport (bold typeface added by yours truly):

Des Moines International Airport (DSM) officials, in cooperation with all Airport tenants (TSA, car rental companies, airlines, parking, and customer assistance companies) are reminding all Central Iowa air travelers that January 4 & 5 will be extremely busy departure days at DSM.

An estimated 2,000 rental cars will be returned those days and approximately 50% more people will be departing from the Airport than on a typical day. It is important that travelers remember the following:

* Check Airline/Airport information systems to ensure flight status         before leaving home.
* Pack and dress carefully so you do not cause a delay at security screening.
* Arrive at the Airport two hours before scheduled departure.
* Pay close attention to all signage.
* Have a government-issued photo ID ready with your ticket information.
* Above all, be patient.

Many national and international media personnel will be attempting to leave Central Iowa. It will take the cooperation of everyone to ensure this happens efficiently and that the nation gets a good picture of the capability of Central Iowans.

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