Diner drop in

I just did my own diner drop-in this morning.  No candidate in sight, but a bunch of people who wanted to eat breakfast.  It was a Sunday-laid-back atmosphere in the Dahl’s deli on 35th and Ingersoll (we who live here like to call it the Inger-Dahl’s).  A few people clearly were there after attending church.  Others seemed to be getting their Sunday morning breakfast as a revival for their late Saturday night.

The diner has three horse-shoe-shaped counters.  The two women sitting opposite me were talking about people in their life — no discussion of politics.  The couple sitting next to them were the just-out-of-church sort who sat quietly, chatting to one another as they waited for their order.  The young couple on the end was pouring over this morning’s Des Moines Register, discussing the Democrats.  The two women sitting next to me took the same paper and had a conversation with Bonnie, the waitress, about Joe Biden.  He apparently is very good looking in person, according to the conversation I overheard, and "more our age."  The discussion settled on the age factor. 

"He was born in 1942," one woman read aloud from the newspaper.  "That makes him in his 60s," the other said.  The discussion then veered to how being president seems to age all the men who have held the office, and it was decided Biden might lose his charming looks were he to be elected president.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.