A little intrigue

WHO TV’s political reporter, Dave Price, is reporting something a little intriguing — that some Clinton campaign insiders tell him Hillary Clinton may not be in Iowa on Caucus Night.

Price interviewed Clinton today and posted this exchange on his blog:

Dave: "On caucus night, I’ve heard from some in your campaign who say you will have to go to New Hampshire early. Some say you will be here. Will you be here on caucus night?"

Clinton: "Well, my plan is to be here on caucus night. It’s certainly what I’m planning to do. I want to think, you know, the Iowans who have supported me, so many have volunteered for me, everybody who caucused for me, everyone who went through the trouble to drive somebody else there…I just want to thank Iowans for everything they’ve done for me the past year."

Your 7:32 p.m. update:  Clinton campaign spokesman Mark Daley emails the following: "YES she will be here."  (Capitalization NOT added by me.) 

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