O. Henderson is still here

In early May, a fundraiser for Dennis Kucinich called me in the Radio Iowa newsroom, inviting me to make a campaign donation to Kucinich’s campaign.  I blogged about it. The name "O. Henderson" and my telephone number here at Radio Iowa is apparently still in the Kucinch campaign’s fundraising database, even though I’ve never made a contribution.

Well, late Thursday afternoon a nice person named Justin from Lincoln, Nebraska, called again with the same pitch.  I asked if I might tape record our conversation blog about it (Listen/download MP3 – 5 min). and then blog about it. He agreed. In it, Justin talked about the Kucinich campaign’s "money bomb" on December 15 — $131,000 — and about his exclusion from The Des Moines Register debate.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.