Huckabee accuses rival Romney of “kitchen sink” strategy

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign arranged to hold an event late this afternoon at Jordan Creek Town Center — the fanciest mall in Des Moines.  The mall’s tiny community room, tucked down a hallway near the mall’s food court was jammed with people and Huckabee spoke briefly.  However, during his remarks Huckabee defended his television spot in which he wishes folks a "Merry Christmas" and Huckabee also took aim at rival Mitt Romney over the issue of commutations. Here’s Huckabee talking about it — the mp3 runs just over 3 minutes.

"They’ll throw everything, including the kitchen sink at us which means they’re truly desperate," Huckabee told the crowd. 

Afterwards, Huckabee stood in front of the cameras and answered reporters’ questions.  Here is the audio of the news conference — mp3 runs 8 and a half minutes.

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