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An interesting typo came into the Radio Iowa newsroom via email, from the staff of Iowa’s governor.  This news release made its way here just after five o’clock this evening, with the wrong verb in the headline: GOVERNOR & LT. GOVERNOR SENDS LETTERS TO CAMPAIGN WORKERS: CONSIDER IOWA!

Des Moines – Governor Chet Culver and Lt. Governor Patty Judge sent the following letter to Iowa presidential campaign officials in both parties for distribution to caucus campaign workers:


Dear Presidential Campaign Staffer:

On behalf of the state of Iowa, we want to thank you for coming to Iowa and helping to elect the next President of the United States. 

The Iowa Caucus is a unique experience, where the people of Iowa have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the future leader of our country and have their voice heard on the national stage.

As a campaign worker, you have seen, lived and felt what its like to be an Iowan.  As you start to figure out what comes next, we hope you will consider joining those you have met over the last year and become an Iowan yourself.

You can find anything you want here in Iowa.

Iowa is first in the nation not only in the race for the White House, but in the race to become the renewable energy capital of the nation.

We are a national leader in health care, education, economic strength and quality of life. 

All across our state, we enjoy safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, easy commutes, excellent schools, low cost-of-living and abundant outdoor recreational activities. 

The possibilities are endless, and we hope you will make Iowa your home.

We have many resources to help you with your career search: – The comprehensive online resource for Iowa careers.
Iowa Caucus Young Professional Survey – In a short survey, we would like to gather input on your experiences in Iowa.  If you were in charge, what would you do to make Iowa more attractive for young professionals like you?  Please rant or rave about your experiences and help us to make Iowa the best it can be.

Thank you again for your hard work over the past several months.  You have made a lasting impact on our state’s history, and we hope you will stay in Iowa and leave your mark on our future.

Happy holidays from our office and good luck during the home stretch.


Chet Culver                                                                           Patty Judge

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