Endorsements galore

‘Tis the weekend to talk about endorsements.  Congressman Leonard Boswell, a Democrat from Des Moines (although he spent most of his political career being from a farm in southern Iowa), endorsed Hillary Clinton on Friday.  The Des Moines Register editorial board endorsed Clinton and John McCain.  Iowa First Lady Mari Culver allegedly is set to endorse the candidate she endorsed in 2004 (that would be John Edwards).

Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Kiron in western Iowa, has announced he’ll be holding a 9 a.m. news conference on Monday morning in Des Moines to announce that he is endorsing….Well, we don’t know yet.  This is what Congressman King just told me, via email:  "My wife doesn’t know.  My son doesn’t know.  My staff doesn’t know.  I think I know, but I’ll sleep on it one more night."

Two people who I kind of think are "in the know" when it comes to everything King suggest he’s been "heavily" courted by Mitt Romney’s camp for months, and by Fred Thompson ever since Thompson got in the race.  While King and Tom Tancredo share many of the same ideas about immigration policy, King made it clear months ago that he would not be endorsing Tancredo. 

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Folks, when Lieberman endorsed McCain, there should have been no surprise. The elite in this country and especially the Northeast elite backs members of both parties that are really of the same party, the Council on Forein Relations. this party likes the Bushes, Clintons, McCain, Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, etc. This party is like the inner party of the book 1984. They are our shadow government and pull the strings and call the shots.
    Their candidates are the group that calls themselves moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans. They are the people who formerly were known as Rockefeller Republicans. They are the people tyoified by Bill Clinton and Al Gore as moderate Democrats. They are the country club members of both parties who are the annointed ones. They are considered wiser, more experienced, smarter, more qualified,more noble, etc., etc,, and nothing could be further from the truth.
    They represent the interests of big money and not the middle class. They are the free trade advocates for the Council on Foreign Relations and are selling our country down the river. Pick a fair trade advocate to vote for president, but be forewarned, they are all second tier because the people who pull the strings and call the shot do not wish to give voice to their views and positions.
    My favorites are Tom Tancredo and Duncan hunter. But there are a couple of others as well.
    The CFR campaign 2008 description on issues has Edwards as an increasingly free trade skeptic. He is accorded much lesser status because of this not supporting big money’s interest in making a quick buck at all costs, even if it means selling out and dismantling the country. Our industrial base is a shadow of its former self.
    Wake up and just be vigilant and look into what people are talking about. It is your country. and you will be left in it even if you as an American become a small minority in a country that is just a hollow shell of past prosperity. And again look into these things and into Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter.