Edwards pitch on trust

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has started using a Boy Scout word in his Iowa campaign speeches: "trustworthy."  According to the official website for the Scouts, under "Scout Law" is this:

A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.

Edwards was a Cub Scout, but told me yesterday he didn’t stay in to reach Webalos (short for We‘ll Be Loyal Scouts) or to be a Boy Scout.  (Cubs are for kids ages seven through 10.)  I asked him why he’s using that particular word now.

"Because I think we need a president who is trustworthy," Edwards replied.  "We need a president that the American people know, when they speak, that that president’s being straight with them — whether it’s good or bad.  America can stand the truth and they deserve to know the truth."

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. All of the Democrats are talking about change with a capital C. Actually, with the way things have been in the WH over the last years, trust is probably the change we need most, so Edwards’ persistent message may speak to the Democratic voters on January 3rd.