Leading, direction and the rhetoric of a campaign

Barack Obama said this in Des Moines on October 27, 2007: "You’re not ready to lead if you can’t tell us where you’re going."  It was a strike at Clinton who has been focusing on the "ready to lead" mantra for months.

Hillary Clinton said this today in Nevada, Iowa:  "You’ve got to know where you’re trying to go.  You’ve got to know which direction you’re headed."   It was a verbal strike back at Obama who has said it’s time to "turn the page" and lead the country in a new direction.


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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Yet neither can say where their leadership ends. With either we don’t get “new thinking”, we just get the same tired soialist rhetoric that lead to the stagnation and gentile poverty of Old Europe.
    Let’s face it-Democrats have nothing to offer but envy, division, despair and defeat camouflaged as righteous indignation.