Hillary Clinton’s rewind to Bill Clinton era

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton briefly included a quote in her campaign speeches this summer saying many would like to "rewind" to the Clinton era.  Clinton delivered a speech focused on the economy today (listen to it here by clicking on the audio link at the bottom of the story) and she made reference to her husband’s tenure/her time in the White House (at least) 16 times in just over half an hour.  See quotes/partial quotes below:

!.  "This is kind of a familiar situation for me because when my husband became president he inherited a lot of economic problems.  As someone said the other day, there seems to be a pattern here.  It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush."

2. "If you compare where we are today with where we were when President Bush took office…."

3. "The average American family has lost $1000 in income over the last seven years…."

4.  "Seven years of fiscal recklessness…."

5.  "Since President Bush took office…."

6.  "When President Bush became president he inherited a balanced budget and a surplus…"

7.  "For seven years we’ve had just the opposite…"

8.  "We’ve been here before with a president who leaves the economic cupboard bare on election day…"

9.  "We had an economic strategy that worked in the 1990s…"

10.  "We believed that fiscal responsibility could spur economic growth…"

11.  "We believed that investments in our people were investments in our economy…"

12.  "So today we face 21st century challenges…but I believe the principles that guided us then are still relevant today…"

13.  "Given the increase in energy prices since 2000…We’re going to get back to real middle class tax relief…"

14.  "I’ve lived in the White House.."

15.  "We know from experience…"

16.  "I think we’re ready to come together again…"

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