Fred Thompson, acting like a president

The Iowa Christian Alliance is holding its annual banquet in Clive this evening and invited all the presidential candidates, but they were advised they would not be allowed to speak to the assembly.  Fred Thompson showed up about an hour and a half ago.  He walked in the room, shook hands and posed for pictures as he made his way across the hall to his table, where he sat down with his wife (who held one of their children on her lap).  Thompson bowed his head during the prayer, stood during the song "I’m Proud to Be an American" (the part where the lyric is "and I’d gladly stand up), and then positioned himself at the head of the three lines of chow as the 850 people in the room lined-up.  He shook hands with nearly every person and posed for several photographs. 

His staff indicated Thompson would answer reporters’ questions just outside the hall, so as not to interrupt the event.  So, a long column led by Fred Thompson walked from the head of the chow line to, well, the head. Thompson ducked in the men’s room.  When he emerged, just feet from the door, the walking train of reporters and photographers followed, but Thompson veered back into the banquet room, bound for the side farthest from the door — back to where his wife and child were.  Then, again, the conga line started for the exit as Thompson led the way.  Outdoors, Thompson quickly climbed in a black SUV and someone drove him away.  No questions.  No answers.  If you want to know what he said tonight, you’ll have to ask Jeri. 

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Denise White says

    As a survivor of child abuse, a former Head Start teacher, a parent, and a reasonable human being, I continue to be outraged and horrified at this country’s actions against child abusers. Of course, everyone is entitled to certain rights but where are the rights of the victims. Age old complaint I know but unfortunately, it continues to be valid. Once the photos were found in Bentley’s possession, his right to confront his accuser should have gone out the window. When are these little victims going to stop being treated like little crimes? Not everyone survives.