Tommy Thompson’s turn at the Straw Poll

Below are the notes from Tommy Thompson’s appearance:

Steve Grubbs is on stage to introduce Tommy Thompson.  Grubbs is a former state legislator, a former candidate for the US Senate (he lost to Jim Lightfoot in 1996) and now a consultant and businessman in Davenport.  Tommy Thompson hired Grubbs as his lead Iowa campaign consultant.

Tommy Thompson has a video playing.  Beatles music is the theme…."It’s a Beautiful New Day."

"Thank you.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s quite an honor to run for POTUS.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve.  I want to thank all…the volunteers…and the people who traveled all over Iowa to come here today.  Thank you."

Now, giving his personal biography.  "A lot of you grew up in small towns….you know how to solve problems.  That is what we do in the Midwest and we do it well."

"The Iowans are wonderful people," he says after talking about his 99-county tour.

"Isn’t it great to be a Republican?" he asked.  The crowd applauds.  "I believe just like Ronald Reagan that we are the party of July 4th and Democrats are the party of April 15th and don’t you ever forget it ladies and gentlemen," he said.

He steals Tancredo’s road to Des Moines conversion on life issue line.  Now he’s talking about right to bear arms.  Talks about his vetoes as governor of Wisconsin.

"If congress passes the Fair Tax, I will sign it before the ink is dry and I want people to know that," he said.

"I’m a Republican that believes that our political party needs to get back to basics," he said.  Now on to health care reform (he’s the only one to talk about it so far today).

"We spend $2 trillion…and 90 percent of that health care dollar goes to help people who are sick…to me, that is a foolish system," Thompson said.  He gets applause. 

He would require all insurance companies to use the same form, just like W2 forms for income taxes….He argues that would save lots and the savings would cover all of the uninsured.

"Let’s do it as Republicans," Thompson said.  Crowd cheered.

"Let’s as Republicans start thinking the big ideas," he continued….then he talks about ending breast cancer by 2015…and colon cancer by 2025.

Next up:  energy independence.   Nuclear energy, bring the oil down from Alaska.  Applause.

Now, immigration.  "I will build that barrier in the first six months of my presidency," Thompson says of a border fence.  Fine the employers who hire illegals and deport those caught here.  "If you’re going to come into our country…you should learn the American language: English," Thompson said.

Next, rebuilding the military.  "I want to make sure America is always safe," he said. 

Talks about his global medical diplomacy initiative.

"I am the candidate..I’ve worked hard to earn your support.  I’m asking you to vote for me….a proud Amerian, a proud Republican and I say to you God Love Iowa…and God Love the United States of America."

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