Duncan Hunter is next at Straw Poll speech-a-thon

Notes from Duncan Hunter’s speech are below:

Stars and Stripes Forever is playing as the soundtrack for a Duncan Hunter video.  Now, Chuck Yeager is giving his personal testimonial on the video…literally phoned in audio. 

The only candidate who has the "right stuff" to defend our nation — that is the intro from the deep-voiced narrator.

"I’ve got to start off with a grandfather story…." Hunter began.

Then, he’s talking about making America the arsenal of democracy again….our manufacturing base is moving off-shore  "because Communist China is cheating on trade."  A few applauded.

Warned China is buying lots of military hardware.  Talking about DDGs…."They are stepping into the super power shoes that were left by the Soviet Union," Hunter says of China. 

"The heart of the Republican Party is not with the people who are selling out our industry to China and the rest of the world," Hunter said. 

Took after the Democrats, and repeated his criticism that no Democrats have said "Way to go, Marines."  (Just like he said in last Sundays’ debate)

"Peace through strength" is his motto, just like Reagan.  "That means that we honor every single man and woman that wears the uniform of the United States."  Crowd applauded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be successful in Iraq," he said.  Crowd applauded.  Next, Iran is a threat.  "I will not allow Iran to have a nuclear device," he vows.  More applause.

Next up, border war.  He tells the border fence joke again.  (If you climb my fence, we send you to the Olympics is the joke.)

"I’ll complete that border fence….in six months," he promised.

Promises to pardon the two border agents — crowd applauded.

:I’ll compelte that border fence….in six months," he promised.

Promises to pardon two border agents — crowd applauded.

"It takes more than walking across the border to be an American," Hunter said.  He enumerated the ways America has helped the world.

"I will never apologize for the United States of America," he said, to loud applause.

Next up, judicial appointments — promises to appoint judges who’ll overturn Roe v Wade.

Touts Second Amendment rights.

Cites letter his dad wrote, and one his son wrote.  "I’ve come to the conclusion that God still loves this nation," Hunter said.  "…With faith in God and with the support of my family…I am running for the presidency of the United States and I hope you’ll join me."

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. ‘My guy can beat Hillary!!” That covers the best excuse the supporters of ‘the top tier’ candidates can give us. They all want you to believe that and it’s their biggest talking point. That and insults, rumors, marginalization. Seldom a discussion of a candidate’s record is allowed.
    I’ll vote for Obama before I’ll vote for Rudy, McCain or Huckabee. Obama can beat her. Then ‘the Kennedy Wing of the Republican party’ can finally get what they wished for….someone who can beat Hillary as the only qualification for office.
    Do you remember one of the first debates many months ago when Duncan Hunter referred to some of his fellow candidates as , “THE KENNEDY WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY”?
    THAT is why Hunter is out of the media coverage and the debates. He told the truth. CAN’T have that! (Not to mention stopping any discussion of China, bad trade deals and immigration.)
    McCain, Huckabee, Rudy….look who they’re giving us…LOOK who the media and globalist media pundits are pushing!
    I think we should start calling it exactly what it is, don’t you? Hunter, as usual, called it first and called it right.
    California’s Arnold is certainly a perfect example.
    YouTube – New Hampshire Debate: The Kennedy Wing of the Gop – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUz-AgMGLQA
    Duncan Hunter Watch video – 1 min 11 sec –
    Be sure to read what people say in the comment section when they’re allowed to hear Duncan Hunter.