Brownback is the last to speak at Straw Poll

Notes on Brownback’s appearance:

Brownback’s video is playing.  There’s a picture of the Brownback bus, plus video of Brownback driving a John Deere tractor (sans cab).  The video is listing the Brownback biography…."Amerca’s most consistent conservative" according to the announcer in the video.  There are clips of Brownback speeches in the video. 

It’s an incredibly L O N G  video.  One of the final video shots is of Brownback throwing out the first ptich at an Iowa Cubs game.

"Thank you Iowa for putting on this wonderful event.  The road to the White House goes right through Iowa and I’m not skipping Iowa….We win when we stand on principles and not abandon them," Brownback said in opening.  He’s wearing a navy jacket on top of his red shirt.

Talks about Field of Dreams.  "I want to make one point with this speech.  We must rebuild our families.  We must rebuild our culture….I believe that every person at every stage is a beautiful, unique child of a loving God…that’s a vision that united us.  It’s a vision we shouldn’t shy away from….It is the America where the strong protect the weak…the most vulnerable among us."

"We know that America is better than abortion….45 million children killed since Rod v Wade is a sin."

"We’re willing to fight for every child everywhere because we’re pro-life, whole life…It’s an expansive vision…"

"We also need to revive our economy.  I am pro-growth….I have never voted for a tax increase and I’ll certainly never sign one.  I think we’re taxed to the max." 

Regular commission on wasteful spending to identify programs to cut.  "Deal or no deal…."

Optional flat tax is his next pitch, then strong family message.  Decries amount of single-parent families.  "Best place to raise a child is between a mom and a dad bonded together for life," he said, to applause. "…As president, I will rebuild the American family."

In Iraq, "we will set no timetables to leave.  A timetable is a timetable to defeat."  But we need a "political solution" in Iraq.

"We need to encourage faith, not litigate it out of existence," Brownback says.  Loud applause and cheers.

Now, the Mother Teresa story he often tells. Now, talking about judicial appointments.  "I want to be the president who appoints the judges who provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v Wade," he says, to loud applause.

"Let us never lose hope, nor our goodness…Let us be that shining city on a hill."  That’s Brownback’s conclusion.

County and western song plays.  "I’m a hard-working man…." is the opening lyric. 

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