New Caucus Date?

Rumblings.  It appears South Carolina’s GOP leader has hooked a deal with New Hampshire’s Secretary of State to move up the dates of the presidential contests in those states. That means Iowa’s Caucuses will likely be earlier. Announcement allegedly to occur in NH tomorrow on the NH/SC-GOP deal.

Mary Tiffany, a spokeswoman for the Iowa GOP, says via email: "We will wait to see what happens with New Hampshire."

Carrie Giddins, a spokeswoman fro the Iowa Democratic Party, says via telephone:  "We’re not going to be driven by what Republicans in South Carolina are doing and by their making a change."

When I pointed out NH SOS is setting the date for BOTH party primaries in his state, she replied: "I don’t believe he has made an agreement with the Democrats in South Carolina." 

So we’ll have two Caucus dates in Iowa?

Giddins:  "We have always believed we’ll go on the same date as Republicans here."

UPDATE:  "Iowa will go first.  That is the bottom line.  This is part of the process.  There’s always a lot of jockeying.  All’s I can tell you is as governor I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that Iowa has the first caucus in the nation and I’m confident that we will," Iowa Governor Culver said just before four o’clock this afternoon.  (Post with Culver’s comments.)

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