Yankees versus Sox, plus a big boom

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is the guest on tonight’s edition of Iowa Press (airs at 7:30 on IPTV).  After the show’s taping, Richardson revealed his answer to what some baseball fans contend is impossible — how Richardson could claim to have affection for both the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Richardson says as a child in Mexico, he heard radio broadcasts of Yankee games and Mickey Mantle was his idol.  Later, after moving to New England, he became a Red Sox fan. 

Here’s the Radio Iowa story from Richardson’s appearance on the show.

Also today, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback made an appearance at the Country Life & Power Show near Waukee late this morning.  Newsman Todd Dorman, Des Moines bureau chief for the Lee Enterprises newspapers in Iowa, was armed with a video camera and you can watch Brownback fire off a Civil War-era cannon. Wearing a not-so-Civil-War-era red striped golf shirt, Brownback is coached by a man clad in a Union uniform, then Brownback fires off a shot into some trees.  Dorman advises the shot was in the direction of the suburb of West Des Moines. Brownback’s likely back to just firing verbal salvos by this hour.

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