Round-up: GOPers in Des Moines on 6/30/07

Here’s the Radio Iowa story of what was said at the Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum.  (FYI: the Iowa Christian Coalition changed its name to the Iowa Christian Alliance a while ago).

KayHere’s the blog posts — "sort of" live blogging — from the event:  Tommy Thompson’s appearance, Mike Huckabee’s appearance, Sam Brownback’s appearance, Mitt Romney’s appearance, Tom Tancredo’s appearance.  (I did not blog Duncan Hunter’s campaign appearance.)

Here’s the blog post about Romney’s answer at a press avail about the Seamus episode.  Here’s the Radio Iowa story about Seamus — the Romney’s dog — and Romney being confronted about his Mormon faith.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Count me as one voter who has no interest in any of the six candidates “certified” by the ITR group.
    The only important story is Ron Paul’s rally.

  2. It’s too bad, that with Dr. Ron Paul just next door, and right after the IfTR forum, that you could not spare one reporter to go and report.
    OH! and By The Way. It wasn’t a BBQ (nice informal party with just a few people) It was a Rally (huge event with twice as many attendees and supporters as the IfTR forum)
    The food was served by the HyVee consessions staff, and consisted of hamburgers, chips and a drink. No BBQ at all, except maybe in the little foil packets.