Brownback at ITR/ICA forum

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback began by joking that if he had the money, he’d like to buy a farm in Iowa.  Brownback laid out his personal biography, then talked about his commitment to campaign in Iowa (in contrast to rivals Giuliani and McCain who have decided to skip "financial participation" in the Iowa Republican Party’s Straw Poll August 11th).

"I’m not going to skip Iowa," Brownback said,  The crowd started applauding when Brownback said he would be "fully participating" in the Straw Poll.

Next, he launched into a discussion of tax policy.

"We don’t need more taxes.  We need less spending.  Period," Brownback said, to applause. "…I’ve never voted for a tax increase in the house or the senate and I will certainly never sign one (as president)."

Brownback lamented federal spending levels. "We are out of control on spending and it’s hurt the party and it’s hurt the country," he said, suggesting Republicans in congress "got fired" — AKA lost their majorities in the House and Senate — because of the profligate spending.

Brownback stated his opposition to gay marriage, and continued by saying it was wrong to penalize welfare recipients who get married by reducing their combined benefits. 

Brownback stated his support of building a fence (along the US/Mexico border).

Brownback said he had "led the fight in the United States Senate" against stem cell research using human embryos.  Also talked about a ban on fetal farming.

"I will sign any pro-growth, family-friendly" tax proposal, Huckabee said.

Next up, Brownback had someone bring the US tax code up on stage. Six volumes of rules, etc.

"This needs to be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull axe," Brownback said, to applause.  "…It’s harmful for our economy."

Brownback expressed his support of an optional flat tax.  He joked about being a "recovering lawyer."  Then, he had someone come back up on stage and get his IRS-tax-code prop, because it was covering up the left side of his body in teh camera shot.

Brownback concluded with a few lines from his announcement speech. 

"I will start every day, on my knees, asking God to bless America," Brownback said, to applause, then he talked about leading the nation in prayer on his very first day as president.

"We need the faith of our fathers and the faith of our fathers was strong," Brownback said. 

"…(The) first thing we need to do in solving our problems is look up," Brownback said, gesturing "up" with his right index finger..

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