Blurred line for Rudy on the line item veto?

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani spent a portion of his speech in DSM yesterday touting the idea of amending the constitution to give the president line item veto authority.  He did not mention his role in challenging then-President Clinton’s use of the line item veto of some New York City-bound money.  Marc Ambinder has a nice round-up on this.

In other campaign news:

Paul Simon — the singer — will be campaigning with Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd in Iowa over the Independence Day holiday.  That’s the same period of time when former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning in Iowa alongside his wife. 

Someone who claimed to be from the Obama campaign called the Radio Iowa newsroom this week.

The caller ID on my phone reported the caller was "Richard Mason."

I picked up the call and said:  "Newsroom, this is Kay." 

The voice on the other end of the line was a young woman’s.  She began by asking for the newsroom, then immediately said "OH NO, you just said this is the newsroom!"

She asked if we wanted "radio actualities" from Senator Obama.

I declined the offer.

"Do you have another source for news?" she asked.

I replied that we cover the senator on a regular basis ourselves.  She hung up.

A source who I shall not name has suggested that "Richard Mason" is code for "confused intern."

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