The Traveling Tales of Tancredo

This past weekend Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, a Republican presidential candidate, called into the Radio Iowa newsroom for an interview and frequent flyer Tancredo quickly launched into his critique of the airline industry. 

"Not too long ago my campaign manager, Bay Buchanan, sent out an email…to all of our supporters saying ‘Help.  We’re moving into new digs and we need desks and we need computers and please send money,’" Tancredo joked.  "I’d like her to send one more out and say ‘We need a plane.’"

As many travelers will attest, flying commercial takes a lot of time — "a waste of time" is how candidate Tancredo described it.  "With the exception of this trip (to Iowa), in the last month I have not been on a plane that left on time," Tancredo declared.

Tancredo’s big event this past weekend was a motorcyle ride — from the Black Hawk County Ciourthouse in Waterloo to a Harley Dealership in Waterloo.  Tancredo rode a borrowed Harley "Fat Boy" for the event.  "I own a Harley," Tancredo said.  "It’s a Heritage.  It’s kind of an old guy’s Fat Boy, but it’s a Harley nonetheless." 

If you watched the GOP presidential candidates’ debate last night or have read anything about it, you know former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee poked fun at Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards’ $400 haircuts.  During that chat this past weekend with Radio Iowa, Tancredo joked about his own haircuts.

Tancredo tells reporters he pays $16.50 for the cuts of his "less than flowing tresses." Tancredo gets those haircuts at a franchise store which offers him a punch card.  — so he can get every tenth hair cut free.

Here and here are this past Monday’s Tancredo-related stories.

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