Krusty goes dark

When a TV station goes off the air, we in the broadcast business often say the station has "gone dark" — or some such variation.  An anonymous Iowa blogger known as Krusty Konservative put up his last post today, which you can read for yourself.

"Krusty" claimed (or as he would type "klaimed") to be the "ringmaster of the political circus here in Iowa" and used the name Hershel Krustofski.  For those of you who are not fans of "The Simpsons" that is a direct reference to Hershel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofski — the "Krusty the Clown" character who is the star of Bart and Lisa’s favorite show (a cartoon show within a cartoon show, but I digress).

Yesterday, Krusty put up a post calling for new leadership in the Iowa Senate.  He was critical of Senator Mary Lundby, the leader of Republicans in the Senate.  Earlier this morning, that post and all that came before it were gone, but they are now all there for the reading.   

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Will we ever get to the bottom of who is Krusty?

  2. Steve Mays says

    From Krusty’s swan song post: “I write what is on my mind and what I observe here in Iowa, and I’ll stand by anything that’s ever been written on this blog.”
    Sorry, Krusty, but unless you put your name at the bottom of you posts, you’re not standing by anything. If you believe what you write, put your name on it.
    Steve Mays
    PS: And you’ve been blogging for 18 months? Sorry, that’s not “forever.”

  3. D.H Robertson says

    In reference to Sen. Charles Grossley’s comment regarding Senator Barack Obama’s lack of Political Class, I believe that Grossley would not know what real class is if it stood right in front of him. Obviously it did when Sen. Obama gave his speeh but Grossley not knowing what real class is missed it completely. Someone should give Grossley a book on class for dummies for Obama has more class than any of the candidates running in either party.
    D.H. Robertson

  4. Whether you like Krusty or not (I don’t like his arguments but I appreciate his style) he’s one of the rare right-wing bloggers that actually has some class, as opposed to State 29, Iowa Voice, Jawa Report, etc etc etc.

  5. “Whether you like Krusty or not…”
    It’s not a matter of liking Krusty. And as for his “style”… we don’t know if Krusty is one person or half a dozen. We don’t know if he/she a political gun-slinger or someone on the governor’s staff. Or Dick Cheney’s staff, for that matter.
    If you believe in your ideas, you put your name on them.
    Steve Mays

  6. Iowans aren’t as nice as they were once thought to be. I’m glad I left. What happened to Krusty is just plain mean-spirited and probably illegal.
    What a sorry excuse for a state.