The company that Bedell built sold

Here are a few bits about a lot of things:

First: The company that former Iowa Congressman Berkley Bedell (D-Spirit Lake) founded has been sold

Second:  I am a C-SPAN geek.  I spent Easter Sunday in the country with family, then returned to my home Sunday night, switched on the telly and saw former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach (R-Iowa City) interviewing former New Jersey Senator/2000 presidential candidate/former NBA star Bill Bradley about Bradley’s new book.  The C-SPAN guest interviewer role is a new part-time gig for Leach.  Bradley, by the way, was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, plugging his book there, too.  (Did you notice the new set?)

Obama & JohnsonThird: I switched over to Letterman last night after The Daily Show to see Zach Johnson — the Cedar Rapids native who won the Master’s.  Johnson read a "top ten" list.  Illinois Senator/Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was on Letterman, too, last night.  The Obama folks provided a not-very-good-photo of the brief meet-up Obama and Johnson had back stage.  No word, though, on whether Obama asked if Johnson’s Iowa relatives are caucus-goers.

Fourth: spell check wants to turn the name of former Wisconsin Governor/GOP presidential hopeful Tommy Thompson into "tummy thumps."

Fifth: Courtney Maxwell-Green — the former WHO-TV anchor/reporter who is now working in Governor Chet Culver’s communications team — has been attending news conferences held by House and Senate Democrats.  She’s put her hand-held tape recorder up on the lectern just like the other print reporters.  What’s up with that?  One Culverite said the office is just monitoring these things to find out what kind of questions the statehouse reporters are asking.

Sixth: Delaware Senator Joe Biden called the Radio Iowa office last week and I conducted a 12 minute interview with him.  I asked two questions.  As Biden was winding down his answer to question #2, he uttered this phrase:  "So, the long answer to your short question is…."

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