Vilsack claims credit for IA Senate vote on Iraq war

In case you missed this yesterday, here is the Vilsack campaign statement issued after the Iowa Senate passed its resolution opposing the troop surge in Iraq:

Iowa Senate Responds to Vilsack’s Call to Repudiate Iraq Escalation
Passes Resolution Calling on Bush and Congress to End the War in Iraq

DES MOINES, IA – Today, February 15, 2007, the Iowa Senate heeded Democratic candidate for President Tom Vilsack’s call and passed a resolution to strongly repudiate the Bush administration’s escalation of the war in Iraq.

"I applaud the members of the Iowa Senate for adding their voice to the growing nationwide movement to end the war in Iraq," Vilsack said. "I started this campaign for president because I believe our nation needs to come together and summon the courage to create change in America and on our failed policy in Iraq."

The resolution was drafted and passed as a direct response to Governor Vilsack’s call that the Iowa legislature speak out to end the war in Iraq. "I ask you to use your collective voice to pass a resolution urging our president and our Congress not to make this tragic mistake for those who will unnecessarily die," said Vilsack to the Iowa General Assembly in his final ‘Condition of the State Speech’ on January 9. "This may not be part of the agenda. This may not be part of what you plan to do, but I ask you today and throughout this General Assembly to look down deep inside your heart and ask yourself if you’re doing all you can do to make sure we do not make a big mistake even bigger."

Vilsack has the announced the strongest plan to end the war in Iraq of any of the Presidential Candidates, calling on Congress to defund the war. "Those in Congress who voted for the war, those in Congress who have voted to continue the war, and those in Congress who have funded the war, can surely vote to end the war," Vilsack told members of the Democratic National Committee on February 3. "Congress has the constitutional responsibility and a moral duty to cut off funding for the status quo. Not a cap — an end. Not eventually — immediately."

The Iowa legislature’s passage of the Vilsack resolution makes Iowa’s State Senate the third statewide legislative body in the nation to take a stand against the escalation.

Vilsack was the first Democratic candidate for President to announce his candidacy, the first to repudiate the Bush-McCain Doctrine of escalation in Iraq, and the first to demand that Congress defund the war in Iraq. Vilsack is a Washington outsider with a proven track record of expanding access to healthcare and early education, as well as making Iowa a national leader in renewable fuel production.

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