Vilsack to go on “The Tonight Show”

This news today from the Vilsack for President folks:  Vilsack to Appear on NBC’s "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on THURSDAY.

As you may recall, Vilsack made an appearance on The Daily Show in December.

Vilsack has been the subject of several Leno jokes on The Tonight Show, including one in which Leno said Vilsack’s top priority as president would be getting Americans to stop giggling about his last name.

In the "exit interview" Vilsack granted Radio Iowa and Iowa Public Radio in early January — just before he left office — Vilsack said this about his Daily Show appearance: 

"I work hard and I’m kind of a serious guy and I kind of, you know, The Daily Show sort of gave me a view of things.  I mean, I saw the look of panic on the faces of our staff members who said ‘Oh, my god, he’s going to go on a comedy show and it’s going to be a disaster. This is just going to be terrible for the poor guy’ and, you know, I do have a sense of humor and I can make fun of myself and I can enjoy myself and I don’t know that I necessarily let the rest of the people of this state see that side of me."

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