Vander Plaats book release Feb. 1

Bob Vander Plaats, the 2006 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, has written a book, it’s been published by Focus on the Family and it will be released tomorrow.  Vander Plaats, his long-time assistant Kristi Dusenbery and I sat down at a Des Moines coffee shop yesterday to talk about the book.  Check tomorrow for more about the book and to hear that conversation.

As we were wrapping up, Vander Plaats and I chatted briefly about his contacts with other Republicans since the election and his thoughts on the election outcome.  Vander Plaats and GOP gubernatorial nominee Jim Nussle are keeping in touch, by the way.  Nussle had just emailed Vander Plaats Tuesday morning, wishing him well on his book tour. 

Vander Plaats, though, says he’s moved on — he even mentioned attending the luncheon in Sioux City to kick-off Governor Chet Culver’s Inaugural weekend.  Chet and Mari Culver invited Bob and Darla Vander Plaats to sit at their table (the Vander Plaats live in Sioux City).  "Our goal is: Can Iowa be the best place to live, to work, to learn, to play?  That’s a goal of mine.  It’s a goal of Culver’s.  It’s a goal of Jim Nussle’s. I think Iowans are going to get a lot further ahead by working together than trying to tear each other apart," Vander Plaats said, just before I turned the recorder off.

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