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One of Governor Tom Vilsack’s longest-serving staff members sent an email Wednesday, announcing he is joining the firm that’s managing Vilsack’s presidential campaign.

This is what Vilsack press secretary Matt Paul sent:


My apologies for the mass e-mail note.  I wanted to provide you my updated contact information as we complete the transition of the Vilsack/Pederson Administration.

I am excited to join Link Strategies in Des Moines as Vice President for Public Affairs beginning February 1.  Link Strategies is a Des Moines-based firm specializing in issues advocacy, communications and political management.  Link Strategies provides counsel to Governor Tom Vilsack, Senator Tom Harkin, US Rep. Bruce Braley and organizations around the country.

Mr. Paul joined the Vilsack gubernatorial staff back in 1999.  Priot to that, Paul worked as a radio reporter for KHAK in Cedar Rapids before joining the staff of Lee Clancey, who was major of Cedar Rapids.  During Vilsack’s first term, Paul was keeper of the time — Vilsack’s scheduler.  In the second term, Vilsack moved Paul to his communications staff and Paul served as chief spokesman for Vilsack through the main parts of the second term.  There was, however, that leave of absence for several months when Paul left to work on Howard Dean’s Iowa Caucus campaign.  I never saw Matt Paul wear one of those orange stocking caps the Dean "Storm Troops" were so fond of, however.

Link Strategies is headed by Jeff Link, a lawyer and long-time Democratic operative in Iowa.

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