Could Nussle to readying for Gingrich run?

The previous post on this blog involved the announcement that former Congressman and 2006 GOP gubernatorial nominee Jim Nussle has formed a consulting company and plans to stay in Iowa.  He’s teaming up with Steve Greiner in the firm.  Greiner used to work as Nussle’c chief of staff — before Greiner went to work for then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Nussle, as you may recall, was part of the Gingrich team in the House.  Gingrich asked Nussle to head the House Transition Team back in 1994 and early ’95 when Republicans gained control of the House.

Gingrich made several trips to Iowa in the past year, including a few appearances on Nussle’s behalf during the gubernatorial campaign.  Gingrich has repeatedly said he’s mulling the idea of running for president.  Is Nussle now preparing to be the on-the-ground-in-Iowa person for Gingrich’s Caucus campaign? 

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