Fallon sings “Don’t…”

Ed Fallon, the third place finisher in this past June’s primary, sent out an email today, saying he’s written a song.  You can hear it here.  You can read the lyrics below. 

Don’t Write Me In (to the tune of Don’t Fence Me In, by Cole Porter)
by Ed Fallon, with help from Kyle Lobner, Jeff Balch and Lynn Heuss

Oh let me thank those of you who supported me in June,
But don’t write me in.
When an ad makes you mad as a howling baboon,
Don’t write me in.
Let us think for ourselves and ignore the sleaze,
We’d like a clean election law, if you please,
But voting for me is just like spitting in the breeze,

So, don’t write me in.

Just vote for Chet, it is clearer than a mirror
You don’t need to make a fuss.
And you can bet, Mr. Nussle will be hustlin’
And he won’t do much for us.

Well I’ve been riding from the ridge where the West commences,
From the Loess Hills to Dubuque past miles of fences,
So when you go to vote, unless you’ve lost your senses.
Don’t write me in.
That’s right:  Don’t write me in.
Mama, don’t you write me in.

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