Vilsack and Virgin Records founder on “Prop 87”

Iowa’s jet-setting governor, Tom Vilsack, appeared at a news conference in San Francisco, California, this morning — with the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom — to speak in support of one of the propositions on California’s November ballot.  Proposition 87 seeks to impose a tax on oil production and funnel the money to produce "alternative" forms of energy.  Former President Bill Clinton appeared in California last Friday to speak in favor of the move.  Actress Geena Davis of "Thelma and Louise" fame was at that news event with Clinton.   Former Vice President Al Gore has cut a commercial for "Yes on Prop 87" campaign.  Actress Julia Roberts appeared at an event on Monday to laud the initiative. 

Vilsack, however, did not share the stage with any actress.  Vilsack gets second-billing status in the news release issued today by the "Yes on 87" campaign, behind Sir Richard Branson, the Brit who founded Virgin Records and other business enterprises such as Virgin Airlines.  Branson is among the world’s richest men.  Below you will see the news release featuring Branson’s comments on the California proposition.  Oh, and prepared comments from Governor Vilsack, too.

Yes on 87: Richard Branson, Iowa Gov. Vilsack, SF Mayor Newsom, CA Labor Head Pulanski Urge Yes on 87; New Clinton Ad Unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ — More national leaders came out
for Prop. 87 today, as Sir Richard Branson, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, SF Mayor
Gavin Newsom and CA Labor Federation head Art Pulanski urged Californians
to vote yes on Proposition 87. A new ad starring President Bill Clinton was
unveiled at the event. Event on satellite at 1-1:30, 3-3:30, 4-4:30 and
    "Prop. 87 is something that makes sense. It’s very important for the
world, for your children, for the environment and very important for your
pocketbooks. It will drive fuel prices down. That’s why the oil companies
are spending so much money to defeat it," Branson said. "This will drive
down the cost of fuel. You’ll be able to drive cars that you won’t be
embarrassed driving because they’re CO2 friendly."
    Vilsack added Prop. 87 is a creative opportunity for Californians that
will empower and challenge the UC system to research and create more
alternative fuels. Prop. 87 will clean up the air and lower green house gas

    Chevron reported today pumping another $2 million into the oil
companies’ war chest against Prop. 87, bringing the oil companies’ total to
over $70 million.
    At last month’s Clinton Global Initiative, Branson committed $3 billion
to reduce global warming through reducing fossil fuel use. Iowa under Gov.
Vilsack is home to a thriving biofuels industry and 100,000 Iowa vehicles
run on domestically-produced alternative fuels. The CA Labor Federation,
AFL-CIO, represents 2.1 million California workers.
    The new President Clinton ad script is as follows:
      *  Imagine if we can stop being dependent on foreign oil.
      *  Brazil did it.
      *  They made a simple change to their cars.  Switched to ethanol, grown
         from their own crops.  And it’s 33% cheaper than gas.
      *  Now, with Proposition 87, California can lead the way to our own
         energy independence.

     *  With Prop 87 we can switch to cleaner fuels, wind and solar power.
         And free ourselves from foreign oil.
      *  If Brazil can do it, so can California.
    With Prop. 87, Californians can lead the way to breaking our oil
dependence with cleaner, cheaper alternatives like wind, solar and biofuels
that will improve the economy, reduce air pollution that causes asthma,
lung disease and cancer and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Half of
California’s foreign oil comes from the Middle East.
    President Bill Clinton leads a growing coalition backing Proposition 87
that includes Former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Dianne Feinstein,
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Former President Chief of Staff John
Podesta, U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, State Superintendent of Public
Instruction Jack O’Connell, the American Lung Association of California,
the Coalition for Clean Air, Americans for Energy Independence, the
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, businesses, Nobel Prize
laureates and other leading environmental, local government and public
health organizations.
SOURCE Yes on 87, Californians for Clean Energy

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  1. Fred Stratman says

    Great going Gov. Better to have Californians pay more for gas to feed their BMWs and, in the process, enhance Iowa’s ethanol industry than for Iowans to pay more.