A few things on my desk

I’ve got a few things on my desk which have been piling up for this blog.

*At the top of the pile is a news release from Leonard Boswell’s congressional office, touting his "golden triangle award" from the National Farmers Union (yes, it’s no doubt in response to the Farm Bureau’s endorsement of Boswell’s Republican rival Jeff Lamberti).  The Boswell congressional staff was kind enough to FAX a picture taken at the award ceremony, I would guess.  I’m guessing because the picture FAXed to us shows just the person in the right of the photo — Kevin Miskell, VP of the Iowa Farmers Union, and no one else.  There are allegedly three people in the photo, according to the news release. and one of them is Golden Triangle man himself — Mr. Boswell.

*One of the most powerful senators in the country will be on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press this weekend.  Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and in the room or "in the loop" when most big senate decisions are made.

*Senator Evan Bayh (D-Indiana) plans to be in Des Moines Friday to speak to the Iowa UAW.  The UAW won’t let the media into their convention.  Bayh promises to speak with reporters afterwards.

*Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) will be around this weekend.  He’ll help raise money for a state legislative candidate on Friday night at a winery near Indianola.  On Saturday he’ll be in the Iowa City area to help Democratic congressional candidate Dave Loebsack and watch the Iowa/Iowa State game.  No word on whether he’ll choose sides and root for either the Hawks or the Cyclones.

*Congressman Jim Nussle (R-Iowa AND Republican gubernatorial candidate) will be at the Iowa/Iowa State game, too.  Nussle told me this week that he’ll wear Luther colors since he’s a graduate of that northeast Iowa school.  (When asked "What are Luther’s colors?" Todd Kimm, Radio Iowa’s sports director, immediately replied:  "Blue and white.")

*Senator Barak Obama (D-Illinois) will be the main draw for Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) annual steak fry in Indianola this weekend. 

*Friends of Governor Tom Vilsack (D-Iowa) moved last Sunday’s planned garden party indoors. (Background:  Vilsack pal Jerry Crawford invited Des Moines-area Democrats to his backyard on Sunday to bring folks up to date on Vilsack’s run for the White House.  No contributions accepted, and casual attire suggested.)  Folks who were invited and donned their casual wear last Sunday say Vilsack gave much the same speech about community that he’s been giving for about a year. Mixed reviews coming in as to the effectiveness of the event.  There were about 250 people there according to Vilsackers.  A couple of the people I’ve talked to expressed disappointment that they didn’t get any one-on-one time with the governor.  One source tells me if you signed a "Run, Tom, Run!" pledge card you got to have your picture taken with the potential future president.  Another party insider I called said he wasn’t invited.

*When I do spell check on a story about the governor’s race in Iowa, "Nussle" is identified as a problem word, with the word "tussle" offered as the first alternative.  "Chet" is also identified as a misspelled word, with "cheat" the first alternative offered. 

*Former Iowa Republican Party chairman Richard Schwarm called my voice mail yesterday to say he’s heading up a group — comparecandidates.org — that’s running ads in the governor’s race. Schwarm was/is a FOB — Friend of Branstad — who practices law in Lake Mills.  Lake Mills is the home town of former Governor Terry Branstad.   

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  1. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin! What values must Iowa citizens hold that they keep this guy in office? But then I admit to living in a state that routinely sends John McCain to Washington.