Pederson accuses Nussle of flip-flop on abortion

Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson, the chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party, held a news conference at 10 o’clock morning to accuse Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle of flip-flopping on abortion. I referenced the statement the Nussle campaign released at two o’clock this afternoon in my story. Here’s the full statement:


DES MOINES, IA – Iowans for Nussle Campaign Manager Nick Ryan released the following statement today:

“Jim Nussle is 100% pro-life and his 16 year record serving Iowa illustrates his commitment to always choosing life. Jim is proudly pro-life and has not changed his position on this issue.  As Governor, Jim will sign legislation that supports and encourages taking steps toward a society that continues to respect and value life.

“Currently in Iowa, it is legal to have an abortion in the second or third trimester.  Jim would sign a law that bans second and third trimester abortions because it saves lives. Jim does not personally favor first trimester abortions.

“This is an important time in Iowa, as the U.S. Supreme Court could send back these types of decisions to the states.  That is why Jim illustrated on the survey the principles he would use and the legislation he would sign as governor that encourage and promote a culture that values life.  Jim has always been and will continue to be abundantly clear about his positions on these issues, unlike his opponent who has chosen to hide his extreme, liberal positions from voters by failing to even have the courage to respond to nonpartisan surveys like this.  It is clear one reason Chet Culver does not want to debate is to further hide his liberal views from Iowans.  Iowans deserve better from Chet Culver – it is beneath a candidate for governor to duck, run, and hide his positions on important issues from voters.”

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