Boswell kick-off

Congressman Leonard Boswell kicked off his re-election campaign with an event in Des Moines today.  The woman who introduced him called him "LEE-oh-nard."  She was reading a prepared script, and mispronounced his name at least three times according to Radio Iowa newsman on the scene, Dar Danielson.  Boswell’s wife declared during her remarks that the Boz is back after treatment for a "non-cancerous" abdominal tumor, then Boswell himself responded to Danielson’s question:  Did you ever think of not seeking re-election because of the heatlh scare?  "It was tough, but it’s behind us.  It’s over.  We’re back to strength and I tell people if they want to know if I’m strong or not, just come up and take ahold of me.  I am.  I’m srong.  I’m going strong. I’m putting in long hours."

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.