Cheney campaigns for Lamberti

Vice President Dick Cheney headlined a fundraiser for GOP congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti over the noon hour.  The take for Lamberti:  $150,000.

Cheney gave a similar speech to the one he gave in the same room at the Wakonda Club in October of some year.  The main additions:  criticizing Murtha’s plan for withdrawal from Iraq and adding Bombay to the list of places terrorists have bombed since 9/11 and an extensive criticism of the New York Times. He made no mention of what’s happening in Israel and Lebanon.

Cheney began by saying "Thank you very much.  A welcome like that almost makes me want to run for office again."  The crowd laughed.  "When is that Iowa Straw Poll anyway?"  There was a brief pause as just a few in the room continued to titter.  "Almost — let me emphasize that."

"It’s always good to be in (insert name of state here)" he continued, then proceeded to mispronounce Lamberti’s last name.  The first time is was LAM-berteee.  The last time in the speech it came out as lam-ber-TAY.  The correct pronunciation is lam-BER-tee. 

He closed with this:  "As we make our case to the voters this year, it is vital to keep issues of national security at the top of the agenda.  The president and I welcome the discussion because every voter in America needs to know where the president and I stand — and where every candidate for federal office stands — when it comes to the war on terror.  We have to face the simple truth, the enemies (who) struck America are weakened and fractured, but they are still lethal and still desperately trying to hit us again….Either we’re serious about fighting this war or we are not. With George Bush leading this nation we are serious and we will not let down our guard."

The folks who paid $250 per person ($1000 for the folks who bought a picture with the veep, too) were served a salad, bread and a custard for dessert.   .

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  1. George Davison says

    You’d think that folks going to the Wakonda Club to hear the vice president would get some red meat for their money.