Special Session Part II

The House gaveled in at about 10:05.  The preacher who led the prayer was the guest of Ed Fallon,  The preacher man made a direct appeal:  "Heavenly Father…I ask that you grant (legislators) wisdom to do what is right or convenient or what is personally beneficial." 

I heard a little talk between House Speaker Christopher Rants and Margaret Thompson, the Chief Clerk of the House because they left the mic open after the prayer, but so far were off mic most people probably didn’t hear them on the system.  MT told CR that the sound system took an electrical hit last night during the storm, so they can’t turn up the speakers in the chamber today.

After the housekeeping stuff to open the session (gavel pounding, repeated words to make parliamentary moves), Rep Pat Murphy of Dubuque, the leader of House Democrats, moved to go to caucus.  This means Democrats will go downstairs and meet in private.  I’ll go see what’s up….

I’m back.  I did a little chatting with Democrats just now, and they tell me their private 9:30 a.m. meeting with Governor Vilsack was tense.  He "lectured" them that he (Vilsack) did stick up for the little guy and he was tired of having people poke him in the nose. (I heard about the nose poking from three and the lecture part from four.)  It was a "talk at them kind" of moment.  The Democrats I talked to say no one in the room talked back.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.