Special Session Part I

At 8:30 am, Governor Vilsack held a news conference near downtown Des Moines to say what he’s been saying for the past few weeks — work with me, let’s strike a compromise.

At 9 am, hundreds of people — many from Madison County wearing white t-shirts decrying the lake project planned there — stood in the statehouse rotunda as a few were called to the mic by Rep Jeff Kaufmann to tell their stories about how they’re fighting government condemnation of their land for projects like an extension of the airport runway in Pella and lakes in Madison and Page Counties. 

At this time there are still no high-speed lines available on press row in the House or Senate (they invited to the media to their party but didn’t make accommodations for us to tell folks about it), so my plans to live blog from the floor during debate are probably shelled.  I’m posting this from my computer in the statehouse press room on the ground floor (hooked up by DSL).   

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.