“It shouldn’t take long.”

Senate Co-President Jack Kibbie, a former tank commander, figuratively shot one right at Governor Vilsack this afternoon.  Kibbie predicted the House would vote to override Vilsack’s veto of that property right bill legislators (and reporters) have been talking so much about, and Kibbie also predicts the Senate will do the same quickly thereafter.  "It shouldn’t take long," Kibbie said of the special session, which today was set for July 14.  (July 14, by the way, is Kibbie’s birthday — a factoid he told me before he dropped the bomb on Vilsack.) 

Many Democrats have been privately fuming about the position Vilsack put them in, but few have been publicly have been rattling Vilsack’s cage.  Up until today’s very public statement by Kibbie, Ed Fallon (former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current State Rep who’ll be one of the D votes to override) has been the big exception, calling Vilsack’s veto mystifying, misguided and baffling. Mike Gronstal (the Senate Democrats’ Leader) offered one last stab at compromise today — a nine-month moratorium on condemnations — but it appears the tide is turning in a different direction.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.