Vilsack Administration responds

Governor Vilsack’s DED released a report Monday on the Iowa Values Fund and at 4:05 p.m. on Tuesday, Vilsack aide Jennifer Mullin sent the following email to me:

Yesterday’s report doesn’t conflict with what we’ve said all along — we have created or retained nearly 25,000 jobs.  While 17,000 aren’t currently "realized", they have been pledged by companies under contract with DED. We consider them "created or retained" — always have.

You will note the Vilsack Administration is introducing a new phrase — "aren’t currently realized" into the mix here about jobs that aren’t yet "created or retained" (but which they lump into that category). I’m also wondering about the subject line in the email which was "FW:  another henderson thing" — wonder what the first Henderson thing was?

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