Grassley for president?

I was chatting with FOX news producer Julie Zann this weekend — she was quizzing me about the GOP presidential activity at the GOP state convention — when she asked me a question about Senator Charles Grassley’s prospects as a presidential candidate.  She suggested some of the inside-the-beltway lists of potential presidential candidates included Grassley’s name.  I had never heard this, nor has Grassley ever indicated to me or anyone from our newsroom the he had an interest in seeking the presidency.

So, this morning I emailed one of Grassley’s staffers, who checked with the senator.  His response:  "You’ve got to be kidding."  Grassley loves the job he has.  And who wouldn’t?  As chair of the Finance Committee, he’s one of the most powerful members of the Senate and with a relative newbie as Senate GOP Leader (Frist), I’m led to believe by folks in Washington that Grassley holds even more internal sway than other Finance Chairmen. 

While Grassley’s not running for president, he is a committed runner.  Grassley was one of the 29 congressmen and senators who ran in the "Capital Challenge" race in Washington, DC on May 5th.  There were federal judges, reporters and folks from federal agencies among the 600 runners who ran a three-mle course.  Grassley finished first among the runners aged 70 and above.  He ran three miles in 29:07 — which means he runs a sub-10-minute mile.   He’s just not running with the intention of winding up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.