Vander Plaats @ GOP State Convention

John Ortega, who just nominated Bob Vander Plaats for Lt Gov, just mispronounced Vander Plaats name a few times.  As Vander Plaats told me the first time he talked to me, it’s PLAHTZ — like cemetary plots. 

Now, Vander Plaats is at the mic.  I’ll just type as much as a I can as fast as I can. 

BVP:  Thank you so much.  Before I begin allow me to introduce some people –two of sons — Josh and Logan. I’m humbled…inspired…treasure thyis nomination with utmost integrity.  Six years ago I stood before convention and said this swtate needs leadership and I’ve had the opp to travel state for past six years…and let me tell you we have a great state in the state of Iowa.  applause.  Some of you have even asked me Bob are you tired?  No, I’m inspired because this state does truly inspire me.  What reallymakes Iowa special is our people — Golden Rule — you welcome this Dutchman into your communities and for that I say thank you.  To our kids — as a matter of fact, I love getting inside classroom and visiting with the kids.  I ask them how many want to be a politicians and none of them raise their hands.  I tell them when I was high school I didn’t want to be a politician either.  y goal in college was to date Darla, play basketall and get a job.  It was the real world that got me interested in politics.  As high school priniciple, I saw how government was coming involved in how I worked…etc… One day I called Darla and said "This state needs leadership and DArla hyad the audacity to say What are you going to do aoabout it?  One choice is to moan and groan in the stands or take the playing field and make a difference.  That’s what Nussle and I are doing.  Jim Nussle is the right leader at the right time.  What I’ve always enjoyed about Jim Nussle is he’s a maverick…he does what is right not because of a poll but because it’s the right thing to do.  Make Iowa open for business.  Give access to all Iowans for affofrdable and quality health care.  I also believe he will restore ihtegrity in government and believe me we need intregrity in government today.  I also see Jim’s heart when he talked about Iowa’s quality of life you see Jim Nussle has bseen it all and he still chooses Iowa.  Ioea will be well-served.  Chet Culver wants Iowa to be average.  Chet Culver are in the game of personal attacks, telling your what to vote against.  BVP & JN are giving you something to vote for.  If the best you have is to tear others down, you don’t have anything to offer.  When I look at our opponents right now, I’ll tel you they don’t have anything to offer.  Back to student stories.  Iowa students want leadership not only for themselves but for Iowa.  JN & BVP are going to teach and model leadership for Iowa.  We will present a compelloing vision – JN &BVP will always put the cause of Iowa above ourselves.  I used to be a bb coach and we’d get young men in locker room and I’d tell them if you stick to these four points — rspect opponent, stay with fundamentals, stay with game plan, believe you can win.  That’s what we need to do today.  When you leave this auditorium you can believe with every fiber of your body that we’re going to win in Nov.  If our vision is one you embrace, then I Bob VP enthusiastically embrace your nomination to be the next LT Gov of the state of Iowa. 

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